Juan José Pacheco
Juan José Pacheco
Juanjo es uno de los profesores pioneros del Lindy hop & Boogie Woogie de Madrid, así como Dj conocido como DJ Swing Madrid y organizador de todo tipo de eventos
relacionados con el mundo del baile.

Comenzó su andadura dentro del baile en 1993, dentro del grupo de bailes de Salón de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid pero no sería hasta tiempo después cuando descubriría el
swing gracias a la película Swing Kids. Decidido a aprender a bailar como había visto en la película y viajó a Bergen (Noruega) donde recibiría clase de clásicos maestros como Marcus &
Barbel y Frankie Manning. Se ha formado en Francia, Reino Unido, Suecia y en Barcelona recibiendo clases de los mejores profesores de la escena swing internacional.

En el 2000 realiza su primer proyecto de Festival al que llama Swing Madrid Festival, forma la primera comunidad swing bajo el nombre de Tic Tac Boogie y propulsor de la primera asociación de swing de Madrid con ABLISwing.

En el 2007, junto a Silvia, abre la primera escuela de Madrid especializada en lindy hop, boogie woogie, rock´n roll y jazz steps. En el 2009 celebran su primer Swing Madrid Festival con profesores internacionales, evento que se sigue celebrando anualmente hasta hoy día.

Juanjo se caracteriza por su estilo personal, amante del rock´n roll y sentido del humor en las clases. Gracias al esfuerzo de ambos, Madrid goza hoy día de una gran comunidad de lindy hoppers.

Silvia Merino
Silvia Merino
Silvia siempre sintió un gran interés por el baile así que cuando se mudo a Madrid desde su ciudad natal no dudo, entre otras cosas, a aprender a bailar.

Comenzó en el 2005 en la Escuela A Bailar Madrid con Ritmos Latinos y Bailes de Salón donde conoció a Juanjo. Durante ese año y el 2006 se dedicó sobre todo a la Salsa y la Bachata

pero se quedó altamente sorprendida el día que vio bailar Rock´n Roll a Juanjo y otro baile llamado Lindy hop el cual jamás había visto ni oído. Desde ese momento y hasta hoy día ha ido aprendiendo y evolucionando en el mundo de Swing ampliando su formación en Barcelona y también en el extranjero: Londres, París, Toulouse y Herrang (Suecia), incorporando en sus viajes nuevas disciplinas a sus conocimientos como el Balboa, Shag, Boogie Woogie y sobre todo Jazz Steps siendo así la primera profesora de Madrid en impartir el Shim Sham en sus clases.

Hoy día trabaja, junto con Juanjo, como profesora y directora en Blanco y Negro Studio, escuela gestionada por ambos así como organizadores del Swing Madrid Festival, evento anual internacional dedicado al Lindy hop, Boogie Woogie, Balboa y Jazz Steps.

No sólo imparte clases del Lindy hop sino también a la de otros estilos como la Salsa, la Bachata y los Bailes de Salón.


Matleena & Jean-Philippe

Matleena Kortesalmi
Matleena Kortesalmi( Finlandia )
Jean-Philippe Delort
Jean-Philippe Delort( Francia )
Dancer well-known for his energy, Jean-Philippe fell in love with dancing at the young age of ten.
Relentless when competing, he participated twice at the France Championships of Lindy Hop and won the 1st place each time (2011 and 2012). He also won the 4th place at the latest World Championships in Norway.
He is now dancing in Finland with his partner Matleena and together they became Finland champions of Lindy Hop and vice-champions of Boogie (2013). He matures his dancing by combining graciously Hip-hop and Swing.
He is continuously developing his dancing skills by learning by learning many other dances such as Tap dancing, Charleston, Modern Jazz and Ballet. Taking part in his classes is enjoying yourself in the discovery and interpretation of music as well as living the dance passionately and freely.

Matleena is from Oulu, versatile ballroom dance expert and in particular rock `n` swing-species specialist dance teacher (AMK). Matleena is Finnish champion of bugg and boogie boogie in 2009 and lindy hop 2013. Matleena has several Boogie Woogie-final places at international level, for example, she has been a World championship in 2010 place four. Matleena has also studied dance in Hungary Dance Academy in 2007 and worked as a professional dancer in France in 2010 and 2013. Today Matleena works full-time as a teacher in the Oulu area, teaching a ballroom, rock´n swing dances and a solo lessons for all ages!

Mikaela & Nicolas

Nicolas Deniau
Nicolas Deniau( Francia )
Mikaela Hellsten
Mikaela Hellsten( Suecia )
Growing up in different parts of Europe, Nicolas and Mikaela have had similar lives discovering swing and couple dancing at an early age.

Mikaela (Sweden) grew up with a love for music and dancing. As a child she had a preference for Jazz and Rock’n Roll music with favourite artists such as Ella Fitzgerald and Bill Haley. She discovered the Lindy Hop at the age of 13 and since then her interest in Swing dancing and its music has kept on growing!

Nicolas (France) attended his first Rock’n Roll dance class at the age of 8 and after only one year of dancing he took part in his first competition. This was the start of a long competition career in Rock’n Roll and Boogie Woogie. He was early drawn to the show aspect of the dance which you can still see in his dancing!

Nicolas and Mikaela started working together in 2010 and has since then performed a number of times at various shows, placed in well-known competitions and taught at many many camps around the world.

Sonia & Hector

Sonia Ortega
Sonia Ortega( España )
Hector Artal
Hector Artal( España )
Sonia has been dancing different styles of dance since the age of 5, but Lindy Hop is the one that has captured her heart. She has been teaching regular classes in Barcelona, Spain since 2000, and over Europe for the last 5 years. Being part of the Barswingona Dance Company and with a classical and jazz background, she is well known in her city as a fantastic social dancer and a dedicated traveling international instructor. As a teacher, she is known to be approachable, patient, and willing to dance with her students.

Recently, she has received some awards from well known competitions: second place in the ILHC 2012 Classic division with Jamin Jackson, and third place in The Snowball 2013 Stricly Lindy division with Gustav Jakobsson.

Hector has been dancing since 1999. Beginning with the ballroom dances, he felt more interested on the latin rhythms, Afrocuban dances and the Argentinian Tango. It was not until 2005 that he started dancing Lindy Hop, but he was captured by the essence of the dance and he began teaching it in 2009. Nowadays, Hector dances and teaches Cuban Salsa, Argentinian Tango and Lindy hop in different important schools of Barcelona. His teaching is known to be focused on the roots of each dance and he likes to develop one’s own body movements within the couple dance in order to improve both leads and follows connection. Also, he is been using these concepts for his own improving as a dancer by taking part of Working Progress (a Barcelona contemporary dance company) as well as being member of an Afrocuban dance company.

Moe & Bernard

Moe Sakan
Moe Sakan( Londres )
Bernard Cavasa
Bernard Cavasa( Toulouse )
Moe has a professionnal training in many types of dances, including jazz, ballet, tap and contempory dance. In 1999, she fell in love with the Lindy Hop. Since this has been the dance of her choice. A pearl of Orient, Moe moved from Osaka to London in 2000, bringing a sparkle to the local swing dancing scene, and soon became one of the UK’s top female swing dancer. She is one of the few dancers to have a name without have been “over-exposed“ in choreographed competition’s divisions like Showcase or Classic. As an active social dancer, she loves to improvised. She won the most famous Jack’n Jill and Strictly competitions. Moe is well known for her passion for the music and fashion of the Swing Era, but also and most of all… for her art of partying !!! Come and meet, dance and party with her… You wouldn’t regret the experience !

Bernard is steeped in jazz and blues since birth. He is an amateur musician with a passion for American musical culture, while practicing many sports. He discovered dance with Anne-Hélène late 1997, and it became a revelation. He runs all the great courses and festivals in the world as a student and then from 2001 as a teacher. Co-founder of the school, his teaching reflects his dance technique, fluid, with a unique vocabulary!

In Action!

Nicolas & Mikaela

Jean-Philippe and Matleena

Hector & Sonia



Silvia y Juanjo